Welcome friends!

I am sitting here in the library, avoiding the Sahara that is the world outside right now, writing this blog post, listening to my Spotify Weekly and wondering how to make this first post completely irresistible. How do I earn a readership? How do I make the best blog possible?


I have to take a step back a think about why I am starting a blog in the first place. What started this process back in February and brought me to today? A need to be heard maybe – my shout into the abyss (the internet), a single voice in an endless sea of people. Cliché analogy I know…but it feels like the best thing to describe this feeling.

I am continually surrounded by creatives, graphic artists, cinematographers, producers, writers and the like. I would consider myself a creative as well. Here is the thing about creatives – they need to create. The need to be creative can be all consuming, an idea inside you that threatens to clobber you unless you get it out. Creativity can be a hard beast to tame, but who would want to tame something that gives so much texture to the world? One tortured soul for the sake of creativity is a theme that we see in many of the greats throughout history.

In the beginning there was the deli…


The deli is hard work!

When I first started blogging here I was in the throes of the deli. Long, hard days of carrying around 40lb. blocks of cheese, and slicing meat to perfection for customers who had more than their fair share of pickiness. I wouldn’t get home until 10pm most nights, or would have to be into work at 3am in the morning, meaning I was sleeping when most normal people were awake and having a social life. Not an easy time.

What was sorely lacking in my life, besides a trip to the beach, was some sort of creative outlet. I have always admired food blogs, and after watching Julie and Julia, I felt the same way that Julie Powell felt when she found out that her friend was writing a blog. “I could do that too!” A way for me to be creative and hold myself accountable to whatever audience I may accumulate.


I would like to take this time to thank my fans, my husband, mom and mother-in-law! You are the best.

But in all seriousness, I have come to realize that having tons of readers, and maybe making some money cannot be my reason for uploading a new blog post. While that may be something that will happen in the future, it is certainly not something that is happening now.

I have to blog for a different reason. One of the undertones of this blog is to conquer fear, and blogging kind of scares me. Each post, each share on social media is me opening myself and feels like a big step. But every step outside of my comfort zone brings me closer to being unabashedly creative. Maybe this will never grow to anything more than that, but I certainly hope it does. I am looking forward to my time here, and I hope you are too.


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