I have a hate-hate relationship with exercising. The reason I say hate-hate, and not love-hate, is because I hate that I hate it. I don’t mind moving my body–I’ve always been relatively active–but trying to get myself to work out is like trying to convince a toddler that they should eat their veggies instead of candy. It’s not going to happen without a fight.


Our walking path.

I suppose that I haven’t been trying hard enough to find time to exercise, especially because right now I’m not exceptionally busy. But I can always find excuses, even cleaning the bathroom is preferable.

Lately I have been finding it easier to exercise (two times last week!), not entirely sure why, but I’m not going to fight it. Sometimes I just go on Pinterest and search “exercise” or “strength training” or I’ll go to Fitnessblender, they have a million workout videos and a really neat search engine that allows you to find the perfect workout. You can select different things like time, intensity, equipment needed and type of exercise to name a few. I did a kick boxing one the other day that was pretty good. I was sore the next day, so I know it worked.


A view of the lake.

Exercise seems to be something that is hard for a lot of people. It can surface a lot of insecurities and bad memories. Times when our physical abilities didn’t make the cut. P.E. in school, and sports teams are a few that come to mind for me. Also it can be very painful physically, part of exercising and building muscle is making little tears in your existing muscles that then heal making you stronger. Pushing yourself to your limit, is hard when you are the one holding yourself accountable.


Out taking a walk by the lake.

I don’t really have tips on how to make exercising easier (I don’t think that is possible), or a better way to hold yourself accountable (besides a workout buddy), I’m still in the pit too remember? But if I can say something, a little smackeral of wisdom that was shared with me from my old roommate’s mom, exercise doesn’t have to be some crazy hard workout where there is dripping sweat and awkward grunting noises. It’s just about moving your body, and if that means you walk around your neighborhood, then that’s okay. When you are ready for more, or for a bigger commitment you’ll know. Because committing to go on a walk every other day is a whole lot easier than some P90X. Am I right?