Lessons Learned_patience and green tea

Living and learning. The more we live the more we learn, unless we are living under a rock I suppose. It is hard to miss the different things that are happening in the world today, it seems each minute that there is something new to know.

Each week I am planning to post about the lessons that I have learned from the previous week. My goal is to be able to go back to different situations that I encountered, see how I handled them, and see how I grow and change as each week progresses. Hopefully others will be able to learn from my experiences as well!

1. Green Tea Fusion

I just discovered this today. Right now, as I am writing this post actually. I am with Ben at one of our local coffee shops, and sipping down this drink (that’s a lie actually…I’ve been here for maybe 15 minutes and it’s already gone).  This is a magic blend of green tea, fresh fruit, and ice. I will definitely be making this at home all the time now.

Mango Green Tea Fusion

Green Tea Fusion – green tea blended with mango.

2. Saving Money by Not Planning Meals

In my head planning our meals out for the week and then purchasing what we needed to make those meals was the most cost effective way to go about grocery shopping. I was wrong. Recently I have become very lazy with meal planning. Rather than sifting through my numerous cookbooks to pick the perfect recipe for each day of the week, I buy blindly.

Because I am not buying things for a specific recipe, our grocery bill has gone down quite a bit. When I am buying things that I know we like, and that I know we will use for many different meals, I don’t have to buy as many different things to fill up the fridge.

I love to try new recipes, so even though our costs have gone down, I am sad that we haven’t been trying anything new lately.

Goal: Choose one to two new recipes to try each week instead of seven, that way we can keep our grocery bill lower, but still try new things!

3. Plain Oatmeal

I do not like breakfast. Not a fan of toast, eggs, cereal, or really any normal breakfast food, except waffles, pancakes and bacon. With real Maple Syrup, because you can take the girl out of Vermont, but you can’t take away my Maple Syrup! Just thinking about a plate of scrambled eggs is enough to make my stomach churn. But I have discovered something wonderful: Plain Oatmeal! I just boil some in water, no fruit, nuts, sugar or cinnamon, it is wonderfully boring.

4. Patience

I have saved the best for last. And after spending an hour and a half trying to find parking at the beach this morning, it is at the very forefront of my mind.


Walking down an alley to the beach after finding parking.


The reason why I was looking for parking. Ben plays in a VB league.

I can’t think of many times when I have displayed heroic patience. Even if I remain calm on the outside, I’m usually losing it on the inside. Today as the morning went on I found myself getting increasingly agitated,(understandable) but I also found myself getting upset at the other people looking for parking. Especially if they scored a parking space before me.

I was upset that I was letting my current situation,  no matter how frustrating, affect the way that I was “interacting” with the other people who were in the very same situation that I was. We were all hot, tired of driving around, and ready to get out on the sand.

Taking a deep breath and slowly counting to ten has never been my favorite way of dealing with frustrations. A prayer for the grace to be patient in these situations, is probably the most important first step, other than that I haven’t thought of any other steps for handling these types of situations. Maybe a better idea will come to me the next time I have to spend a significant amount of time looking for a parking space.

What is the best way that you handle frustrating situations that you can’t control?