Hello wonderful people!

I am not a jewelry person, currently the only jewelry that I have on is my wedding band and my engagement ring.  However, I wish that I had the personality to pull off a statement necklace, or bangles, or some other rings, maybe I do, but I’m too nervous to give it a try. I have established myself as a person who doesn’t really wear jewelry, and while there are moments that I wish I did, I usually worry too much about being noticed in a huge necklace, to end up wearing one.

My style: understated, undercover spy, simple, vintage, bohemian (just type this into pinterest and you will see a lot of floral prints, and pastel colors, alongside “Aztec” type patterns with very bright colors.)

However, recently I have been very interested in watches (because I get tired of having to check my phone for the time) and bracelets.  My problem is skinny wrists. Anything from a department store is just way to big. Either it’s too chunky, and looks weird on my arm, or it doesn’t tighten enough and hangs down around my hand which is no bueno in my book.


A variety of bracelets that I made.

Story Time.

So one day as I am scrolling through Pinterest, and I find this, the perfect bracelet. Not only does it have the ability to be tighter or looser as I see fit, but it also isn’t so large that it dwarfs my arm.  And I can make it! Best. Day. Ever. Because there is nothing that I am a fan of more, pretty things that I can acquire at an inexpensive price.

So I went to Hobby Lobby and picked up the items that I needed and voila! Some new bracelets that I feel comfortable in and enjoy wearing!

I am going to put links to the different items that I used just in case you want to make something similar. They aren’t affiliate links or anything (not enough page views for that type of stuff yet :)), but incase you want to find similar products near you, you can see exactly what I used to make my bracelets. 

What you need:

Embroidery Floss

Jump Ring 

Small Beads

Scotch Tape

What to do:

1) Begin by cutting two lengths of embroidery floss, each about 8 – 12 inches.

2) Fasten each to one side of the jump ring. There are two ways to do this:attach-string-to-jump-ring

  1. One way is to knot the string to the jump ring making sure that one of the tails is much shorter (about an inch long) than the other tail. This is better for adding beads because there is only one string to put the beads on instead of two strings.
  2.  A second way is illustrated in the Pinterest photos. Fold the string in half. Put the folded part through the jumpring about an inch, and then put the ends of the string through the folded part of the string and pull tight. For the bracelet that I am making I chose not to do this because, the holes on my beads were two small for two strings to go through them.  

3) Tape the bracelet to a table, or other non-moving surface.

4) Cut a third piece of string around 24 inches long.

5) Tie the middle of the newly cut string to the top of the string that is attached to the jump ring. Make sure to include both tails of the first string.



6) Begin the first half of the bracelet by making about 5 square knots. When you get to around the third or fourth knot cut the short tail very close to base of the knot then continue with the rest of the knots until step 7, this way the short tail will be secured and hidden.



To make a square knot:

1) Put the right string over the base string to make a “P” shape with the two strings.


2) Take the left string over the right string, then under the base string, and through the hole of the “P”.


3) Pull both strings gently until the knot rises to the base of the jump ring and then gently tighten.

4) Begin the next knot by using the left string to make a backwards “P” and continue through the above steps with the right string. Then begin the next knot with the right string, continue to change which string you start with for the whole bracelet.

Back to the Bracelet:

7) String a bead onto the base string and then continue to make 5 more knots, add another bead, then 5 more knots and so on until that side of the bracelet has reached the desired length. (Keep in mind this is only half of the bracelet so don’t make it go all the way around your wrist.)




8) When you get to the end of the side, knot the end so that your work doesn’t come undone.


9) Repeat steps 3 through 8 on the other half of the bracelet.

10) To make a clasp for the bracelet, tape the jump ring to the table, then bring both ends of the bracelet up and over each other .


11) Cut another piece of string that is around 12 inches long. Tie this string around where the two ends are crossing over each other. You don’t want it to be too tight because you want it to be able to slide so you can loosen and tighten the bracelet.


12) Use the new string to make about 7 square knots around the bracelet ends. Then knot the end of the string and cut it close to the bottom of the knots.


13) To finish, knot the ends of the sides so that they don’t slide through our clasp thingy, and cut the extra string off.


There you have it!


Have you ever made a bracelet like this before? If you haven’t, I hope that you’ll let me know if you do try it out!