Ah wedding planning. As wedding season comes to an end, another round of wedding planning begins for next summer. Maybe you have already been planning your wedding for a while now, I hope that I am still able to offer some helpful advice from my own experience in wedding planning!

In this post I am going to focus on two really important things that go into wedding planning.

Picking your wedding date.


People started asking Ben and I when we were going to get married the day after we got engaged. Our answer was always that we hadn’t decided yet. We didn’t seriously start wedding planning until we had been engaged for around three months, so we didn’t lock our wedding date in until much later than many people probably thought was appropriate. But for us there were so many things to take into consideration when coming up with a date!

Both of our families live across the country from each other, so we wanted to try and be accommodating as possible for those who would be making the trip to Vermont. We also wanted to take into consideration the weather. No snow storms or sweltering heat for us! Basically we wanted it to be perfect. Impossible I know.

We changed our date so many times before settling on one. Finally we came to the realization that whatever date that we chose wasn’t going to be perfect for everyone. We chose April 16th, which ended up being the best Saturday in the whole month of April.

Here are a few things that we made sure to take into consideration when choosing our date:
  • The timing. To get married in the Church we had to make sure that we picked a date that was six-nine months in advance.
  • The weather. Because we were getting married in Vermont, the capital of unpredictable weather we wanted to try and choose a date when we could be more certain about what the weather would be like.
  • Our families. Because Ben and I are both the oldest in our families our siblings are still in school. We tried to be sensitive to their schedules.
  • Our friends who were also getting married. Several of our friends also got married within the year of our engagement, we had to take into consideration their wedding dates as well. Our mutual friends would be trying to make it to all of the weddings, we wanted to give people time between weddings because going to a bunch of weddings in a row is tiring and expensive.
  • We wanted to get married asap, so that was another factor in our date decision.

Decide what is important:

You need to decide on what is important for your wedding, because your attitude while wedding planning is so important. I cannot say that enough! It will determine how to tackle problems and hiccups that come your way. I am not saying that people decide that they are going to be bridezillas throughout the whole processes. However, if you decide what’s important before you begin wedding planning, it can help to keep things in perspective!

My attitude about wedding planning was very nonchalant.

Ben and I decided from the beginning that we had two main goals.
  1. To have God as the focus of our ceremony. We wanted our wedding mass to be beautiful. We hoped that the people in attendance would be able to see that we were entering into a sacrament and that it was really important to us. And that it in turn would be special for them as well.
  2. We wanted our reception to be a blast. A total rockin’ awesome dance party.

The other stuff wasn’t as important to us as making sure that people were comfortable, able to talk to each other, and having a really fun time dancing.

Our other main goal was to pull the whole thing off on a minimal budget, well below the typical $20,000 that couples now spend on their weddings. I will dive into the details of our budget in another post!

Focusing on these things made decisions like whether or not to have a seating arrangement, or what kind of table cloths a whole lot easier and a whole lot less consequential.

I didn’t loose my head when we ran out of napkins and had to get some in a slightly different color. And I didn’t worry about the fact that our reception was going to be in the Knights of Columbus Hall, which was a far cry from your typical banquet hall. We didn’t even pick out my wedding band until three weeks exactly before our wedding date.

Everything else:

As you are planning a wedding everything should sort of flow from these two items. I am planning to do a series of posts about wedding planning, talking about my experiences, and tips that I picked up during the process, while also being able to reminisce about the planning process and our wedding day! I hope that it is helpful to anyone who is currently planning a wedding, dreaming about planning a wedding, or that it brings back good memories to those whose weddings have passed!

What are/were the most important things about your wedding?