Happy Labor Day! Yay for three days of weekend instead of only two!

In honor of a new month, and almost a new season I am going to be making some goals for myself. I hope that they will challenge you, my dear readers, to make some goals for yourself as well! I am going to be trying some new stuff this month, because sometimes you need a change. You can read all about that in my last post here.

There is just something about setting goals that gets me really excited. Maybe I just like the challenge, or maybe I just like checking things off my list. Probably a little bit of both.  So without further ado, I present my September/Fall goals for 2016!

1. Un-plug

I know already that this one is going to be really hard. First, because basically everyone that I follow on Instagram just had a baby, so cute baby pictures. Second, because checking social media has become just a thing that I do when I’m bored. Oh, I can’t think of a blog post to write? Let’s see if there’s anything new on Facebook, or Instagram, or Twitter. It’s a problem, and it’s seriously cramping my creative style.

To help me achieve this goal I have made a list of books that I would like to read, and will just have them near me for when I feel like I need to browse social media.

2. Bring snacks to work


I get hungry a lot during the day. As a huge fan of salty snacks, I could finish off a whole bag of chips without batting an eyelash. I have been trying for the past few months to really up my water intake. Sometimes when I get hungry at work I try and fill myself up with water. Not one of my brightest ideas, but when you’re hungry, you’re hungry.

To help me achieve this goal, I am going to continue buying nuts when they go on sale. I can roast them with some salt, not quite the same as chips but you get the idea. Also different kinds of fruit when they are on sale would be amazing as well.

3. Budget

I don’t know about you, but to me budgeting is the worst. I don’t know that I am necessarily bad at it, but I certainly am not the best. My philosophy has been to earn as much as I can and then spend as little as possible. This worked for me while I was living alone, but now that I’m married I am finding that it’s definitely not the best way to go about budgeting. So my goal for this month is to create a realistic budget that Ben and I can stick to.

To achieve this goal I will take a part of one of my days off to evaluate our expenses and research different budgeting techniques that might work for us and put one of them into action. I also think that finding a way to somehow turn it into an art project would make budgeting more fun!

4. D.I.Y


Our patio desperately needs some love this month

Since we reupholstered our chair Ben and I haven’t really done any D.I.Y projects. I wrote a blog post about the process on my old blog if you want to check it out. So I am itching to make something. Ben suggested trying to do two D.I.Y projects this month.

  1. Make our patio nicer, we have a 4×12 ft. patio, super small but it would be perfect for some potted plants! I think we’re actually going to go to Home Depot and see what we can do with it.
  2. Book shelves. Currently we have two bookshelves, one that holds our clothes and sheets, and then one that is over loaded with books. They are both from Walmart, and I don’t know that they will survive another move, so I am going to keep my eye out for some new, more sturdy shelves that we will be able to keep for a while.

5. Exercise

Exercise is something that is always on my mind. Something that I need to do to be healthy, but I can never motivate myself to get it done. There are two main reasons for this: One, we live in Sketch McSketch Ville and I don’t want to walk around the neighborhood by myself. Two, it has been way too freaking hot inside the house to exercise inside.

We have been looking into joining Planet Fitness for the past few weeks. If we actually use it, having the membership would be worth it. I still need to do some more research on the fine print about any extra fees, because $20 a month seems too good to be true.

So my specific goal about exercising is to decide if a gym is going to be the best option for us, and then based on that decision decide on an exercise routine.

Wrapping Up

I am excited to make these changes and try some different things this month! Bring it on September, I’m ready for ya!

What are your goals for the month? Do you have any input as far as Planet Fitness goes, has anyone tried them out before?