Oatmeal. Not my favorite food, however, it is gluten free and only $0.99 per pound at the grocery store. It’s also tasteless, which means that it is perfect to use in a myriad of different baked goods, soups, basically anything else.

We have been grinding the rolled oats in our coffee grinder. I am keeping my eyes out for something that will make the process a little bit quicker, but I haven’t found anything yet.

Since discovering oats, especially for baking, we have been having pancakes every weekend, and I have also been stretching my gluten-free baking wings and trying out new recipes with oat flour. Cookies, muffins, pancakes, yum, yum, yum.

In honor of the fact that it’s Monday, and the start of fall, I have gathered together a few of my favorite gluten-free baking recipes to share with you!

1. Banana Oat Pancakes

These wonderful pancakes come from the blog Cookie and Kate, and they are the most perfect GF pancakes that I have ever tasted. Normally GF pancakes are like sawdust but these are fluffy and moist. We put fruit or apricot jelly on top. We mixed in some chocolate chips and it just made them even better. Because these pancakes have leavening agents in them, it helps to keep them nice and fluffy!

One other thing. We tried making them with a flax egg one time. Not a fan of the result. I would just stick to a regular egg for these guys.



2. Banana Muffins

These little gems are from Gluten Free on a Shoestring one of my all-time favorite sites to find gluten free recipes. I also love, love, love her Lemon Bars, I served them at my wedding. 🙂

When I made these muffins I just did a one-to-one substitution with my homemade oat flour, and the muffins worked like a charm. Fluffy, buttery, banana-y, need I say more? I didn’t put any in mine, but I bet they would be just divine with some mini chocolate chips mixed in.

Note to self: Buy a lifetime’s supply of chocolate chips to mix into everything I bake.



3. Gravy

I don’t have a link for this one because I just winged it last night. However, I think if you look up any gravy recipe that uses a roux, you should be able to just sub out the regular flour with some oat flour.

I baked some chicken in the oven, and when I pulled it out all of the juices were practically begging to be made into a nice little gravy. How could I refuse them? Especially when we were having mashed sweet potatoes as a side.

Ben ground up some oats for me, I mixed them in with the butter and then the drippings, and the rest is history. I love gravy, and basically anything related to a Thanksgiving meal, so this discovery is a big win for me.



What are you waiting for?

It’s so exciting to have found so many different uses for the plain old oatmeal sitting on our shelf. I had no idea about the seemingly limitless possibilities for this gem of a grain. I especially love that I can branch out from using it only as a breakfast cereal.

Have you tried using oat flour instead of all-purpose flour before? Do you have any ideas on what I should try making next with the oat flour?